Water Treatment Facility, Hawkinsville, GA

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Case Study on the Project

City Officials Inspection – 13 Years Later

The city of Hawkinsville, Georgia struggled with the decision to bring down their water system filter beds and storage tank for 7 – 10 days in an effort to eliminate their leakage problems. Contacting Sider-Crete, we provided a simple solution to allow the tanks to be shut-down for only 48 hours. The material could be applied by detainees on a work release program, thus lowering the city’s installed cost.

The picture on the above left shows Sider-Proof-FF being applied on the interior walls of the concrete water storage tank and the photograph to the right shows inspectors reviewing the application of the Sider-Proof-FF, which is part of our on-going rigorous effort to provide quick and professional on-site technical support

As a complete refurbishing project, the city of Hawkinsville also wanted to refinish the exterior of the water tank. They had been repainted the tank every year, which was becoming very costly. Once the concrete had dried from years of water penetration, Siderite (a cement-base paint) was applied on the exterior and sealed with our silicone-based sealer — Sider-Seal.


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