Sealers and Protectants

Specifically designed to provide lasting protection and durability, Sider-Crete provides a broad range of Sealers & Protectants designed and formulated for applications in demanding environments.



Sider-SealerA water-based silicone-enhanced acrylic sealer. Sider-Sealer is an integrally colored sealer which provides a skid-resistant, protective and decorative finish formulated for application over concrete, most masonry surfaces and Sider-Deck.

Sider-Sealer HD A clear water-based silicone-enhanced acrylic sealer designed to provide additional protection and durability when applied over Sider-Sealer.

Sider-Fix Poly – A next-generation clear, penetrating POLYURETHANE-HYBRID reinforcing sealer that when applied to concrete or masonry, provides a very hard, dust repellent, chemical resistant and water tight surface.

Oxy-Seal – A clear, heavy-duty clear liquid which bonds with the surfaces being treated to give a deep penetrating weatherproofing protection.



Oxy-Moss Cleaner & Oxy-Moss Sealant – Our combination kit to provide the ultimate cleaning and protection treatment for mildew and moss growth on masonry, concrete, tile, brick and stone surfaces. Oxy-Moss Sealant adds additional length of service for the Oxy-Moss Cleaner.



We Ship Our Products Worldwide  Made in USA.

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