ICF Stucco & Coatings


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ICF Stucco Base-Coat


Power-Base ICF  is a durable polymer-modified interior or exterior leveling coating for use over ICF. Used as a leveling coating for ICF surfaces, it will not shrink and will render a durable and flexible base-coat.

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ICF Pool Plaster System


Power-Base ICF – Sider-Proof FF-PR – A cement-based polymer modified waterproofing plaster system for ICF swimming pool comprised of a flexible ICF mesh reinforced base-coat and a Roll-On Cement Plaster finish.

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ICF Accessories


Reinforcing Mesh  Our high-grade 4.5 oz and 10 oz ‘high-impact’ open-weave glass fabric mesh is treated against the effects of the alkali contained in cement-base coatings, providing impact resistance and tensile strength.

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ICF Stucco Finish Coats


Power-Kote IFC An advanced ICF integrally-colored, pre-mixed stucco rendering an ‘old-world’ modeled look in a variety colors and textures. The beautiful rendering of colored cement-stucco at its finest, integrally colored, designed for ICF and easy-to-us

Sider-Plast Finish Our acrylic coating, rendering textures such as Swirl, Coarse Sand, Fine Sand…  Designed for application over our ICF stucco base-coat to render a smooth and uniform acrylic finish

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ICF Waterproofing Coatings


Sider-Proof ICF An innovative cement-based, polymer-modified waterproofing coating for use above and below grade, specifically formulated for ICF applications.




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