Floor Coatings

Patented, true self-leveling concrete coatings packaged in kits containing everything you need to create a perfectly leveled floor. Troweled cement-based or epoxy floor coatings that are long lasting, durable and available in a variety of colors. Sider-Crete’s floor coatings are designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Features of Sider-Crete’s floor coating include:




Sider-Screed –  A troweled mortar used for both interior and exterior concrete floor resurfacing.  Excellent for resurfacing spalling or deteriorating concrete.

Sider Floor-HRI  – A high strength, reinforcing troweled mortar used in industrial floor applications that are subject to mechanical and chemical erosion. Excellent chemical resistance to grease, petroleum products and saline solutions.


Crack Repair


Pro-Fill 2000  Pro-Fill 2000 is a dual-component polyurea designed to repair and fill existing damaged concrete floor surfaces. Pro-Fill 2000 is formulated for industrial applications and will cure to a concrete grey hard-rubber finish.

Oxy-Grout –  Oxy-Grout is a quick setting, fiber-reinforced, non-shrink and non-metallic all-purpose grout with excellent adherence and mechanical properties. Oxy-Grout may be used for interior or exterior applications on floors, walls, ceilings and concrete block filling. The quick set formulation of Oxy-Grout provides excellent strength, making it a high quality all-purpose grout for different applications.




Sider-Floor Finish HCR– A self-leveling, integrally colored, solvent free epoxy floor paint formulated for industrial concrete floors, with excellent chemical resistant properties, to render either a smooth or slip-resistant finish.

Sider-Floor Finish 2000 & 4000 – Our standard (2000) and heavy duty (4000) self-leveling, integrally colored, solvent-free epoxy floor resurfacing coatings.  Formulated for applications over concrete floors & excellent for industrial applications exposed to mechanical and chemical erosion.

Sider-Fix Epoxy – A durable, epoxy-based reinforcing sealer or primer used to penetrate and seal concrete floors, masonry surfaces, pre-cast concrete to provide a lasting & durable finish.

Sider-Screed Poxy & Sider-Screed Poxy Primer– This combination of primer and epoxy mortar is the next generation in providing the highest anti-skid, mechanical resistant, solvent-free epoxy mortar floor finish.  Once cured, it provides a surface stronger that the concrete itself.




Sider-Fix Poly –  A next-generation clear, penetrating POLYURETHANE-HYBRID reinforcing sealer that when applied to concrete or masonry, provides a very hard surface.




Power-Level – A durable, self-leveling floor coating for interior or exterior concrete application.  Power-Level is ideal for use over older, uneven concrete floors in need of re-leveling and refinishing.

Sider-Level – The next generation of polymer-modified self-leveling floor resurfacing coating.  A true self-leveler, it will render a durable finish, for re-leveling or resurfacing spalling or deteriorating concrete.  Packaged as a kit, and integrally-colored if desired with nothing to add in the mix.

Sider Floor-SL Underlayment– Our self-leveling, polymer modified cement floor underlayment used in interior applications to level a floor to receive tile, carpet, linoleum tiles, paint, wood or vinyl floor coverings.

Sider-Gyp Floor – A durable self-leveling gypsum modified underlayment for interior application,  Sider-Gyp Floor is ideal for use over older, uneven wood floors in need of refinishing.




Sider-Sealer A water-based silicone-enhanced acrylic sealer. Sider-Sealer is an integrally colored sealer which provides a skid-resistant, protective and decorative finish formulated for application over concrete, most masonry surfaces and Sider-Deck.

Sider-Sealer HD – A clear water-based silicone-enhanced acrylic sealer designed to provide additional protection and durability when applied over Sider-Sealer.

Sider-Fix Poly – A next-generation clear, penetrating POLYURETHANE-HYBRID reinforcing sealer that when applied to concrete or masonry, provides a very hard, dust repellent, chemical resistant and water tight surface.


Bonding Agents & Admixtures


Sider-Latex – Our polymer resin emulsion that is compatible with most cement, lime and gypsum products. Sider-Latex is designed for use as an admixture for cement or gypsum based mortars for increased plasticity, flexibility and mechanical resistance.

Sider-Resin M50 – A superior bonding agent and primer with exceptional adherence properties, allowing maximum stabilization and serves as the perfect bonding medium




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