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Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you provided us over these last few months as we constructed our pool. The Sider Crete product is awesome and we've had no issues. I would recommend to anyone to build their own pool with cinder blocks and finish the coatings with Sider Crete. There’s no reason anyone cannot build an affordable pool and it doesn’t have to be a vinyl liner - Here's to a great summer - the proof is with the smiles from my kids. Peter A., New York
Thank You For All Your Help
I am a police officer in Texas ....4 years ago I built a swimming pool using a concrete machine...it is rather large with a 125 linear ft L shape. I cleaned the heck out of the concrete with muriatic acid and washed it afterwards with THP. I then used Sider, plastered my pool slowly and correctly I have had the best luck, my pool is gorgeous, I am convinced that this product is great and MUST be applied correctly. I am planning on using this product overseas for another pool....Good Job Sider! I am doing this not for one penny or compensation....I truly like this stuff! Sgt Dave /Texas
Sider - is the best!
One of our fine manufacturers. Products are affordable, great, and the end result is always one you'll be happy with.
Rich DeVito/Innovative Building Products, LLC
Just used your Sider-Sealer on my pool deck and wanted to let you know how happy I was with the product...went on easy, covered well, and looks great. Thanks & have a great day.
Swimming Pool Deck - (Sider-Sealer)
We renovated a historic building in North Georgia that is 115 years old. The exterior brick and mortar had become very porous and was allowing extensive water intrusion that caused leaks all over the building.
Waterproofing solution (Sider-Proof FF)
I want to take this opportunity to thank you first of all for the time and effort you spent on me to make sure I was purchasing the correct items. You went above and beyond the call.
Love your product (Sider-Deck/Sider-Sealer)
The City of Hawkinsville, GA experienced continuing problems with their water treatment plant, including multiple leaks from their concrete water holding tank.
Water Treatment Plant Project (Sider-Proof FF)
Sider Crete ~ is our approved manufacturer of deck coatings that is designed for application over new or existing concrete or pool-decking.
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