TITANIC – Branson, MO

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A Masterpiece Created By:  Themed Structures, Inc.

The Titanic Branson is a permanent two-story museum attraction shaped like Titanic herself.  Towering 100 feet high, this astounding structure was built half-scale to the original; and is anchored in water to create the illusion of Titanic at sea.

This replica of the Titanic is created with Sider-TXT- a mortar specifically designed to be sprayed/applied and carved to recreate most any designs imaginable. At this location, Sider-TXT is pumped with a stucco pump. Artists then hand carve and paint the structure to perfectly recreate the replica of the Titanic!


Visit The Official Website: http://www.titanicbranson.com/

The complete outside of the structure is constructed with Sider-TXT: the hull, the control deck, all levels, the life-boats and even…the iceberg! Prior to painting, over 10,000 rivets were hand glued over the Sider-TXT in a pattern consistent with the original Titanic.

The application and hand-carved designs of the Sider-TXT were precise to replicate the original Titanic.

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