Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO

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Silver Dollar City, Inc. is the newest attraction in the heart of Branson, MO.  A beautiful theme park incorporating different sections such as Celebration City ™,  White Water ®, and others. Sider-Crete supplied different materials for the wide variety of decors demanded.


The photos above are actually our integrally colored bricks/stucco applied in a brick pattern.  Even a professional has difficulties determining the difference between real bricks and brick designs.  Sider-Brick offers the decorative aspect of brick, a strong, waterproof and durable masonry finish, yet at a much lower cost and with the freedom of colors & designs that brick may not offer.

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Another spectacular sight is the laser show wall display.  Built to recreate the ambience of the beautiful Ozarks, this entire structure is constructed with wire mesh fastened to a gigantic metal frame.  The rock design is created with Sider-TXT –  a mortar specifically designed to be sprayed/applied and carved to recreate a rock design.  At this location, Sider-TXT was pumped with a stucco pump at heights of over 60 feet.  Artists then hand carved and painted the structure to perfectly recreate a beautiful mountainous design!
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A Masterpiece Created By:  Themed Structures, Inc.


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