The Palazzo Chupi, Manhattan NYC, NY

Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(40)   Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(22)

A one-of-a-kind for Manhattan, in New York City, NY, the Palazzo Chupi building shows the versatility of our colored cement stucco finishes.  Following the strict guidelines set by the designer, Sider-Crete, Inc. was able to match the color to provide this unique rendering with our AAC coatings.

aPalazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(25)   Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(43)

Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(41)   Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(32)

Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(39)   Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(19)

Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(37)    Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(17)

Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08-(14)   Palazzo-Chupi-08-19-08



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