Pool Deck Renovation – Existing Textured Deck Coating Resurfacing

This residential deck was coated with a textured deck coating system and it began to deteriorate.  The homeowner requested a complete texture resurfacing & reseal.

Sider-Crete provided Sider-Deck/Sider-Sealer – This decorative textured deck coating system is cement-based & easy-to-apply over your new or existing concrete deck, certain existing pool-deck coatings and concrete pebble/rock decking surfaces.  Packaged as a kit and available in different premixed colors, it is ready to accept Sider-Sealer – our solid colored, skid-resistant sealer.

 Existing Textured Deck Coating prepped for the application of the Sider-Deck Spray-On Texture:

asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-12 asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-13
asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-15 asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-18


Application of the Sider-Deck Spray-On Textured System:

asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-1 asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-14
asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-25 asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-23
asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-24 asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-21
asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-16 asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-20
asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-19 asp-of-macon-culloden-deck-project-17


Finished Project

IMG_0121 IMG_0125
IMG_0124 IMG_0120


Project by:

ASP of Macon, GA

Ph: (478) 238-1006

Website: http://maconpoolservice.com/


We Ship Our Products Worldwide  Made in USA.

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