Since 1937, Sider-Crete’s commitment to innovation through technology continues to expand our leadership role in the construction industry related products throughout the world.  Our global manufacturing presence allows Sider-Crete, Inc. to be in a position to provide simple solutions for our customers.

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From the recreation of the Ozark Mountains in the Midwest, to the King’s Summer Palace in Saudi-Arabia, via the beautiful beach fronts on the French Riviera & Sao Paulo, Brazil, Euro Disney and present on the facades on some of the most beautiful residences; Sider-Crete is well recognized worldwide for its high quality product line, its irreproachable customer service and the presence of its products in the construction industry worldwide.

As Sider-Crete, Inc. continues to grow, it is now offering investments and venture opportunities:

blebul1d.gif (1048 bytes) INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISING
blebul1d.gif (1048 bytes) INTERNATIONAL LICENSING
blebul1d.gif (1048 bytes) CONSULTING FOR PLANT START-UP
blebul1d.gif (1048 bytes) DISTRIBUTORSHIP


Please contact us to acquire information about our investments opportunities.

Quality, Performance, Leadership, Innovation, Environment and Technology allow SIDER-crete to provide … Simple Solutions!

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