Harvest Bible Church, Chicago, IL

TXT_Harvest-150x150     TXT_Harvest7-150x150

A spectacular sight is the nature display in the Harvest Bible Church in Chicago, Illinois.  Built to recreate the ambience of nature, this entire layout is constructed with wire mesh fastened to metal frames.  The rock, trees and structural designs are created with Sider-TXT–  a mortar specifically designed to be sprayed/applied and carved to recreate specific decorative designs.  Sider-TXT was pumped with a stucco pump, then artists hand carved and painted the structure to perfectly recreate a beautiful natural ambiance!

TXT_Harvest10-150x150  TXT_Harvest2-150x150  TXT_Harvest4-150x150

TXT_Harvest5-150x150  TXT_Harvest8-150x150

A Masterpiece Created By:

Themed Structures,Inc.

Official Website of the Contractor: Themed Structures, Inc.


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