Driveway Crack Repair & Resurfacing

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Oxy-Grout & Sider-Concrete Sealer– Our ultimate system for concrete driveways, walkways and general concrete crack repair & resurfacing. Oxy-Grout is a fiber-reinforced, all purpose nonmetallic& non-shrink grout formulated to obtain great adherence and mechanical properties. Sider-Concrete Sealer is a heavy-duty silicone-modified, colored concrete sealer; which provides a protective and decorative exterior or interior sealer.

 Ø Driveway cracks repaired with Oxy-Grout

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ØDriveway resurfaced with Sider-Concrete Sealer

Findly_Residence-10     Findly_Residence-4

Seal_Crack-3     Seal_Crack-1

Seal_Crack-11     Seal_Crack-12

Seal_Crack     Seal_Crack-13



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