Deck Resurfacing

Deck_Screed-16  deck_cool

This homeowner decided to have his swimming pool deck resurfaced, which had been coated with another pool-decking coating sometime ago. The existing coating was first resurfaced with Sider-Screed to render a smooth and even substrate. Sider-Deck was then applied to provide a new, cool and beautiful finish.

Deck with existing pool-decking to be resurfaced

Deck_Screed-30 Deck_Screed-29

Deck_Screed-4  Deck_Screed-2

Application of Sider-Screed and its bonding agent to resurface the existing coating

Deck_Screed-11 Deck_Screed
 Deck_Screed-16 Deck_Screed-14

Completed application of Sider-Screed ready to accept Sider-Deck


  Application of Sider-Deck and job completed

Deck_Screed-4 Deck_Screed-2

Deck_Screed-3 Deck_Screed-1


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