Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials:

Re: Striving for excellence in sales and tech support

Sider Crete ~ is our approved manufacturer of deck coatings that is designed for application over new or existing concrete or pool-decking.”

“I would like to personally thank Alexander and Sider Crete for their continued support of our organization. The Sider Crete team is always willing to help us with respect to not only their product, but also the application of their product and trouble shooting deck problems.”

“Again, we cannot thank Alexander enough for all that he does for our company.”

Thomas P. Swift, Jr., JD, LLM CFP

Chief Operating Officer

ASP Franchising, Inc.

Re: Water Treatment Plant Project (Sider-Proof FF)

The City of Hawkinsville, GA experienced continuing problems with their water treatment plant, including multiple leaks from their concrete water holding tank. Naturally, these leaks allowed water to permeate through the walls of the tank resulting in continuous water loss.  In addition, the leaks created another problem on the exterior walls of this holding tank prohibiting any paint or coating to adhere. Over time, these painted walls delaminated allowing for more water loss from the tank itself. Attempts to repair the tank from the exterior provided only temporary solutions.

  • Case Study on the Project

  • City Officials Inspection – 13 Years Later

Re: Fountain Project (Sider-Proof FF-PR)


Re: Love your product (Sider-Deck/Sider-Sealer)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you first of all for the time and effort you spent on me to make sure I was purchasing the correct items. You went above and beyond the call. I would also like to thank your Technical Service Dept. for their patience and willingness to go over step by step instructions with me while we did the decking. We love the way it turned out and are telling everyone how great it is. If you would be so kind as to make sure everyone involved in helping us and their supervisors get a copy of this I would appreciate it. Too often the public is quick to complain and sadly not often enough quick to compliment. All of you at Sider-Crete deserve a thumbs up.

Pat – Leesburg, Florida

Re: Waterproofing solution (Sider-Proof FF)

We renovated a historic building in North Georgia that is 115 years old.  The exterior brick and mortar had become very porous and was allowing extensive water intrusion that caused leaks all over the building.  The previous owners worked for around 40 years to fix the problem without success — in fact we had to strip away four layers of other waterproofing products to get back down to the original brick surface.  We used your Sider-Proof FF product as the new waterproof coating and the product went up quickly and easily in two coats.  I was amazed at how hard the coating cured and how well it bonded to this old brick wall.  The coating has completely solved the water intrusion problem and we’re all dry now!  We’ve already had two rains since it was installed and NO water penetration at all!

Doug – Canton, GA

Re: Swimming Pool Deck – (Sider-Sealer)

Just used your Sider-Sealer on my pool deck and wanted to let you know how happy I was with the product…went on easy, covered well, and looks great.  Thanks & have a great day.

Hal S. – Fernandina Beach, FL


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