AAC Sound Walls

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As a special project, different AAC manufacturers have designed a system of AAC panels constructed  from autoclaved aerated concrete. This system is designed to insert long AAC panels between metal beam in order to reduce highway sounds along residential areas.

The AAC then required to be waterproofed along the bottom of those panels where they are laying on the ground and coated for esthetic purposes.

The materials chosen were Sider-Proof AAC & Siderite AACSider-Proof AAC is a specially formulated ready-to-use waterproofing coating formulated to be applied on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. Sider-Proof AAC offers great waterproofing properties, it is ready-to-use with nothing to add to eliminate mixing errors.  It is a highly durable yet flexible coating designed to go directly over AAC.

Siderite AAC, our cementitious-based paint, was chosen to coat the panels.  This cement-based paint is the natural choice when a water repellent and vapor permeable paint/coating is required. 

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